Up close with Mr Robin…

31 May

Image 26 Sep

Color my world…yellow

15 Sep

It has been awhile since I made my last post in here. Life’s been busy lately and work has taken most of my time.But I’m sure glad to be back!
Summer is almost over.Some leaves of the trees are hinting on the change of the season…it’s gonna be a colorful season once again.

Birds just wanna have fun too…in the sprinkler

28 Jul

It is a very hot afternoon,I put on the sprinkler and lo! here they come and had a good bath and a good time in the water.
And I enjoyed watching them too, from behind a glass door.

First post…

27 Jul

This is the picture I posted a year ago.
It has been a year since I started to join in this blog.It’s been a good experience and I enjoy reading,following and meeting all of you folks.


2 Jul

Yellow hibiscus…

12 Jun